Our coalition includes groups from the labor, racial justice, faith, women’s rights, environmental, good government, and many other important communities. Formed in 2018, we set out on a mission to take back our democracy and restore power to the people. We believe that we must build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone’s voice is heard. For inquiries, please contact us.

DFAD Statement on Extrajudicial Killings of Black Americans

Statement from Jana Morgan, Director of the Declaration for American Democracy – a coalition of 160 organizations from the labor, racial justice, faith, women’s rights, environmental, good government, and many other important communities – in response to police...

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This Week in Democracy Reform

This week, states continued to adapt their primary elections to address the challenges of coronavirus. Milwaukee implemented a new drive-up early voting program, and voting rights activists sued the state of Wisconsin to ease prohibitive barriers to absentee voting. Iowa will...

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Vote by mail questions, more elections delayed, and more.

This Week in 200 Words This week, several more states cancelled or postponed their primaries due to the coronavirus, bringing the total postponed state primaries to nine. Georgia will send mail-in ballots to every registered voter in time for its rescheduled primary, Iowa has...

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H.R. 1 Anniversary Activist Webinar

Our democracy is in turmoil. Billionaires and corporate interests are flooding our elections with money, and state legislatures are trying to enact laws that suppress the voices of voters. But members of Congress are pushing back. Last year, Democrats in the U.S. House of...

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Native American Voting Rights, DC Statehood, & More

This Week in 200 Words This week in state updates, a Native American voting rights case over North Dakota’s photo ID law is headed to court. Michigan activists are rallying to oppose Republican efforts to roll back the independent redistricting and government ethics reforms...

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Citizens United: 10 Years Later Americans Demand Change

Washington, D.C. – Today marks 10 years since the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for corporations and wealthy donors to spend an unlimited amount of money to influence our elections with its Citizens United v. FEC decision. To put the power back in the hands of people, the...

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Voting Machines Upgrades, Ranked Choice Voting and More

This Week in 200 Words This week, a federal judge upheld Georgia’s purge of nearly 100,000 voters from its voter rolls. A North Carolina voter ID law was struck down with references to the state’s history of racist voter suppression. A Texas voter registration law is also...

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Dark Money Rising, New Bipartisan Redistricting in Ohio and more

This Week in 200 Words This week, Ohio will launch its new bipartisan redistricting process in 2021. Wisconsin approved $1.1 million to reinforce election security. Michigan has seen a rise in dark money in recent times. Even with steps taken by Missouri, big money still has a...

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President Obama Redistricting U and more

This Week in 200 Words In state updates, the court ordered lawmakers in North Carolina to draw up new maps before the 2020 elections. Louisiana has upgraded the software on all its states voting machines. Alaska attempted to open its primary elections to all voters as well as...

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Cybersecurity Q&A, New Voting Machines and More

This Week in 200 Words This week, Los Angeles is experimenting with voting machines, portraying the trade-offs between security and accessibility. Election officials in Kentucky, Louisiana and Connecticut are asking for more resources so they can provide adequate election...

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Hacking into our voting systems and more

This Week in Democracy Reform This week, Texas Democrats are working to win the state house and prevent gerrymandering in 2021. A bipartisan group of former North Carolina governors are calling on the courts to end partisan gerrymandering. Delaware Senators have joined other...

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Making Mail in Ballots Free, Presidential Tax Returns and More

This Week in Democracy Reform This week, Oregon just made voting easier by making mail in ballots free. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that mandates all presidential candidates release their tax returns. A New York resident pressured Cuomo to make changes in the...

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